2007년 12월 5일 수요일

Korean Music - Rap: Big Bang (This Love)

There is definitely some real good Korean music. Actually, there's a Korean rapper I really like called "Big Bang". He does a rap using Maroon5's song (This Love) and it's really good. I like it a lot. I'm planning on buying his CD when I get a chance. I don't know what he's saying, but here's the song/video.

Found the English translation of the Lyrics:

This love, yeah, yeah, yeah
This love in my thuggin' G's in, uh
I'm straight falling, that's right yeah, yeah, yeah,
This is song for y'all, yeah

For no reason today seems sadder than other days
I miss you
Now I can't say those words any more
I can't even be at your side to watch over you; this must be the end
No matter how I look at it I was stupid
I inflated false expectations and misunderstood
Yea you have a boyfriend I know that
I don't know why but it makes me like you more and more
My friends say I'm a fool
Is she really that fine? Get your act together, she was messing with you
I don't care, it doesn't matter to me
If this is the only way I can see you it's enough for me

This love I'm never falling in love again
When I see my haggard face I wonder why I'm so stupid
This love Hey you, already gone and disappeared
Never returning: fly far, far away to behind the clouds
My story has no real heart or meaning; this is like one minus two
September nineteenth I'm left alone on your birthday
Alone I'm a fallin' love shady

Do you remember? When I passed the night outside your house
I grew nervous as I waited for you
While holding a dozen roses I was already excited
But contrary to my expectations you didn't come out; the rain fell
It was only then I decided to let go
Inside your heart there must be someone else; comfort me
I'm sorry; I didn't even know that and put you on the spot (yes)
Now I'm alone again (one love)

This love I'm never falling in love again
When I see my haggard face I wonder why I'm so stupid
This love Hey you, already gone and disappeared
Never returning: fly far, far away to behind the clouds
My story has no real heart or meaning; this is like one minus two
September nineteenth I'm left alone on your birthday
Alone I'm a fallin' love shady

What am I supposed to do? Loving you
Feels like a crime; my heart is so tired right now
I want to find your guy and talk to him – we can't do this
Now I'm crazy, without you for me

This love now forgotten, buried in time
Erasing all traces from memory, why my heart hurts like this
This love so tender, too young to love
All those memories: fly far, far away to behind the clouds

This love, this love, this love, this love, this love, this love (ye)
This love, this love, this love, this love, this love, this love, ooh~
Ooh~ hoo, ooh~ hoo, ye, ye, ye, yeah yeiyeiye
Ooh~ hoo, ooh~ hoo this love ye, yeah

Hey J, look at me
After you left, it ain't the same
I'm not what I used to be
It hurts so much, you know
I need you girl
Always, all time… this love

credits: Claire @ aheeyah

My Desk: Eeyore and Sponge Bob

This is my desk at work. Eeyore keeps me company. He carries my pencils and pens and stuff (my first pencil case since elementary school!). The kids like him too, although not many of them know he's Eeyore.

I also have a few GIANT erasers that I won from claw games. Several items in the claw games are weighted down with either clay or giant erasers. I like the erasers because at least they have a practical purpose when you win the item.

Anyway, one of the giant erasers is yellow, so I colored marker on it to make it look like Sponge Bob Square Pants. He's friends with Eeyore.

I also brought my mini-Totoro to work. The one my friend Christine Chen gave me! :) But the kids at work thought Totoro was too cute and they wanted to borrow him and give him back later... so I got scared and just brought him home. The others can get lost or damaged or destroyed and it's no problem - but not Totoro. He was a gift from a good friend, so I have to keep him safe.

Toilet Paper VS Mike

In Korea, it's common - anywhere - to see toilet paper sitting around on counter tops and desks. Businesses and homes use toilet paper instead of tissue like kleenex to save on expenses.

Mike has a big problem with it. He refuses to use toilet paper to wipe his nose, and he hates seeing it everywhere. Basically... toilet paper reminds Mike of a dirty butt or a used toilet. Something like that. So... one day, as a joke, I "TPed" his desk when he was gone. Of course I didn't use too much. I didn't want to get in trouble with my boss. Mike was so mad. hahaha - I wish I could have seen it!

Another night, Mike went out for the night (he's a social butterfly) and, as a joke, I took one of our new clean rolls of TP and set it on his pillow. I felt a little guilty afterwards because I know it really bothers him, and I was a little afraid of the repercussions... but I went through with it. He was mad again (not a serious mad, a good-sense-of-humor type of mad).

There were no repercussions - although he said he thought about it a lot. And I told him that was my last toilet paper prank. I COULD keep myself entertained for a long time with this... but I know he really doesn't like it so much. :) hahahahahahaha

Our Claw Game Stash (AKA: Prizes)

I mentioned Mike and I's claw game stash in my last post about our wild night out. But I forgot to include a picture of it! Rather than describing the items in the post... just check it out for yourself!

A Wild Night Out: Casino and Claw Games

In early November, Mike and I had a fun night out. We went to a Casino in Seoul. It's pretty far. We take the subway and taxi... so it takes about 2 hours and costs about $10 to get there. It's on the very far end of Seoul in a hotel. It's REALLY nice. The Casino isn't huge, but it has Texas Hold'em tables and other stuff. It has a little restaurant with a menu and free food. Anything you order is on the house... their way of getting you to relax and stay. As soon as they can, they play non-stop happy Christmas music (noticable). The waitresses are all really cute. Pretty much everyone there speaks English and is a foreigner. Koreans aren't allowed to gamble in Casinos. I don't know why! So all Casinos are catered to foreigners. Anyways, we went and had a lot of fun.

Mike loves Texas Hold'em and he's pretty good at it. I'll make another post on that another time. So he played cards the whole time.

Mostly, I sat and watched. But for kicks, Mike stuck $10 into a slot machine and said, "here. Play this while I play cards." He giggled a little as he stuck the money in and I was objecting. Slot machines are SUCH a waste of money!!! Mike agrees with me... but he just did it for kicks. Anyway, after pull after pull on the slot - I was down to my second-to-last pull and... DING DING DING. I won $63. Cashed out. I gave Mike about 2/3 of the winnings.

You can guess it. After watching him play cards... eventually I wandered over to the Roulette. DOH! House always seems to win. I lost $100 on Roulette. So, feeling pretty crappy, I wandered back to watch Mike play cards. Mike stood up and came over to talk to me again. The nearest seat to the card table is at a slot machine. So I told Mike I lost $100, and he stuck another $10 in a slot machine, then handed me another $10 and as he walked back to the poker table said, "play that." WHAT A WASTE! WE DON'T WANT TO GIVE THE SLOT MONEY WE WON BACK!!! So I considered KEEPING the $10 he handed me, but since he told me to play and it was his donation... that's what I did. Well, I ended up winning another $50 on slots. So as I sat there staring at my money... I thought... that would be nice to get my $100 back. So I took my newly won money and put it on red. All on red! Double up and I have my money back! Lose it, and I'm just back where I deserve to be.

It landed on red. ALWAYS pick red. It's the winner.

So I walked out even. :) Mike walked out with $200 extra dollars just from Poker.

We had this awesome plan for the way home. You see, as we arrived at the subway station near the Casino in Seoul, we took a taxi and drove from the subway to the casino - and we saw SO MANY claw machines!!! There were TONS!!! So we had this awesome plan to play EVERY SINGLE machine at LEAST once on the way back! It was a NIGHT OF CLAW MACHINES!!! And we also decided to take a picture at each machine we played.

The first machine sucked. It took our dollar, as expected. So we played the next machine on another corner. When Mike went to put money in, it wouldn't accept his dollar bill! Instead, it started SPITTING money at him! THREE dollars came out!!! So we put one back in and played the machine, and I won THREE torch lighters in a ROW from ONE dollar (which is 6 trys). It was amazing! Then we took a picture, and remembered that we forgot to take a picture at the FIRST machine we played! So we went back for another picture - but after the recent luck, I insisted on giving the first machine another try. I wanted something specific: a little lighter shaped like a mini golden gun. We put a dollar in... and I WON it!!! We were on a ROLL!!! The next machine, Mike played... and on one dollar, he won a BIG prize! On first glance, we thought it was an MP3 player - which is common in claw machines, but it turned out just to be a mini digital radio with headphones. But it's stylish.

Anyway... we hit claw machine after claw machine, and on EVERY SINGLE ONE - except two - we won at LEAST one prize! By the time we got back to the subway station, Mikes bag couldn't even FIT any more prizes! We were laughing SO HARD. I felt like a thief, we won so many prizes!

We started a box in our apartment collecting the prizes won from claw machines. We have all sorts of things - several lighters - a couple LED lights, a hand held game device, a volleyball net, a cell phone case, and some other stuff. One night (a different night) Mike won a HUGE lighter that looks like a pistol from the 1800s. You pull the trigger and a torch flame comes from the top. We didn't even know it was a lighter at first - but it's definitely my favorite item... well... that and the volleyball net. :)

Pictures range from us dominating the machines to us getting ready to destroy them. :)

Cute Hats

They have these cute hats in Korea for kids. They're like stuffed animals, but just the head - and they're hats. One of the kids at our school wears one of a sheep. They have all sorts... so I was with Ellie one time and we saw them in the store. I couldn't help myself! So I bought one for my nephew Joshua. I'll have to send it ASAP. It's a tiger. I forced Ellie to take a picture of me and with me wearing it. :) :D ^_^